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We are South Shore Long Island residents past and present, baymen, fishermen, surfers, sailors and scientists and advocates from dozens of organizations.


Blue Point Brewery is developing a new beer, an IPL (India Pale Lager), to support our mission to Save The Great South Bay!
Details coming soon!

Ranger Eric Powers Visits Water Matters

February 26, 2017
Marshall Brown

Water Matters: Episode 3, Season 2: Curt Johnson, Executive Director, Save The Sound

January 30, 2017

Curt Johnson, Executive Director of Save The Sound, issues an Eco Reportcard on the water quality of Long Island Sound, … Read more

Marshall Brown

Menhaden Management

January 3, 2017

The dramatic increase in sightings of whales to our near-shore ocean waters (we’ve all seen the photos and videos of … Read more

John Hall

Sandy and The Breach (and Now Inlet) Four Years On

October 28, 2016

Sandy and The Breach Four Years On   Good day everyone.   I am Marshall Brown, President and Co-Founder of Save … Read more

Marshall Brown

Show Your Support For Funding a Sewering Plan For Sayville, West Sayville, and Oakdale So We Can Bring Back The Shellfish

October 5, 2016

Support Legislators Tom Cilmi and William Lindsay as they advocate for Resolution 1872, which calls for funding the detailed engineering … Read more

Marshall Brown

Save The Great South Bay Tours Bellport Inlet (The Breach) with The New York Times — The Overwhelming Consensus: Leave It Alone

October 3, 2016

The breach, now known as Bellport Inlet, is now broadly accepted as being a boon to The Great South Bay. … Read more

Marshall Brown

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