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We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit working to revitalize our bay.

We advocate for modern wastewater infrastructure, for bay-friendly lawns, and for a restoration of our shell fishing industry.

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“Drink The Bay Clean!”

Ask your local bar or restaurant to serve it, and help save The Great South Bay!

“Drink The Bay Clean” Launches At The Blue Point Brewery — Doing Good By Drinking Well

June 15, 2017

Blue Point Brewery has done a remarkable thing:   They created a beer to help Save The Great South Bay in its mission.   With “Drink The Bay Clean,” they and the bars, restaurants and retail stores that will carry this India Pale Lager have created a beer that helps fund… Read more

Marshall Brown

Save Our Diamondback Terrapins, Save Our Marshes, End The Harvest!!

May 18, 2017

  Growing up on Long Island, I loved turtles. Painted, snappers, box turtles, spotted turtles, mud turtles. But for me the most elusive and by far the most beautiful were The Diamondback Terrapins. Their habitat is salt water marsh. They will spend their entire lives in that marsh, with only… Read more

Marshall Brown
Drink The Bay Clean Beer - Blue Point Brewing Marketing Image

Where Will “Drink The Bay Clean” Be Served?

April 20, 2017

“Drink The Bay Clean,” an India Pale Lager, is being brewed by Blue Point Brewery in order to support Save The Great South Bay’s efforts.   All for a great cause, of course, but this beer was brewed with a love for Long Island.   Drink The Bay Clean India… Read more

Marshall Brown

Is Long Island At a Turning Point? Investing in Waste Water Infrastructure And Changing Our Lawn Care Practices

April 1, 2017

Long Island is about to replace its cesspools and septic tanks. Nassau County has 140,000, Suffolk 360,000. Suffolk intends to launch a pilot program that will deploy 400 units over the next two years. Albany is chipping in with $2 billion to address the issue at scale. Yet more will be needed, but everyone, seeing the problem, is stepping up. At the same time that we do this, we need to stop polluting our waters with lawn fertilizer and pesticides. Read more

Marshall Brown

Be In Babylon For Earth Day April 22nd, and Help Make History — The Creek Defender Program Launches

March 1, 2017

ATTENTION ALL BABYLONIANS! Save The Great South Bay’s Creek Defender Program launches on Earth Day April 22nd along The Carll’s River! Save The Great South Bay, in conjunction with local citizens, schools, civic groups, businesses, and with other local environmental groups, will be launching its Creek Defender Program.   Save The… Read more

Marshall Brown

Ranger Eric Powers Visits Water Matters

February 26, 2017

Read more

Marshall Brown

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