Revitalizing The Great South Bay And The South Shore

We are The South Shore. The Great South Bay is our bay, our heritage and legacy. Through The Creek Defender Program, The I Love Long Island Campaign for bay friendly yards, and our Habitat Restoration Program, and through our strong advocacy, we are fighting for our bay and for the villages that sit on its shores.

Our Mission is to revitalize The Great South Bay so that our children and grandchildren can swim, fish, clam and sail this bay just as those before them had.

Please Contact Us to participate in protecting this legacy.

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To Return Our Bay

Together, We Are The South Shore

We are a local 501(c)3 Non-Profit dedicated to revitalizing Great South Bay. We are South Shore residents, past and present, oystermen, fishermen, boaters, surfers, sailors, paddleboarders, environmental advocates, and marine scientists.

Healing Great South Bay is going to take all of us, the many thousands who grew up loving this bay. If we lose our bay, we lose The South Shore and this precious natural gift.  This must not happen on our watch!

We envision one day that the bay, fed by clean fresh water flowing in from its many creeks, will return to its former health. We believe that the investment is worth it, for we are building our own future.

We believe that people will come to understand that restoring nature begins right in their own backyards, and that the chemicals that go on their lawns go into our bay, and even, into our drinking water. We believe that with the right steps to improve water quality, we can help create a $1 billion a year oystering industry, with the oysters themselves helping to filter and clean the bay.

Save Great South Bay’s Facebook group has grown to over 13,000 members. We are in every South Shore town. With our Creek Defender Program, the “Bay Friendly Yards” Pledge and thr Habitat Restoration Program we are set on reviving our bay for today, and for future generations. And there are many ways you can help.

Recent Progress

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.  Come to our events.   Defend your local creek!  Plant a “swamp forest” of native plants.   Or – if you can’t go in and get dirty yourself, then please donate.   We broke this bay through unmanaged growth and habitat destruction.  We have to fix it.

A Trip To Blue Island Oyster Farm

While Blue Island Oysters has its hatchery in West Sayville, its oyster farm is off Captree.   And last Friday was my day to visit. In… Read more

Marshall Brown

Excavating in a Public Nature Preserve To Mitigate Flooding Creates Other Obvious Problems

The North Fork Preserve, a 173 acre park in Eastern Suffolk, is being damaged by an ill advised public works project involving heavy equipment and… Read more


New York and New Jersey Government leading the Ecological charge for our NY/NJ area bays, rivers and estuaries. It’s True!

Facts: 2018 Cuomo Priority: Full PCB Clean Up of the Hudson River Cuomo Announces $10.4 Mil to Clean LI’s Waters With Shellfish A New Start… Read more

Howard Ryan

Engineer Approved Drainage Plans Threaten Sensitive Natural Habitat In Long Island’s North Fork

There must be a stop work order issued immediately on this “enhancement” project. The North Fork Nature Preserve is about to be ravaged by a… Read more


Pumpouts in The Great South Bay: Are Boaters Pumping or Dumping? STOP POO-LLUTION!

Pumping out sewage from boats might not be appealing but is obviously necessary if lavatory facilities are utilized onboard. The proper use of pumpout stations… Read more

Howard Ryan

New York and New Jersey: A Bridge to Success. We are all deeply connected to the waters we share

Before co-founding Save The Great South Bay, in 1999 I married and moved to Northern New Jersey.  Having been a lifelong Long Islander and a… Read more

Howard Ryan

Announcing The Miriam Brown Community Stewardship Awards

It was just over a year ago that I lost my mom.   She truly was a renaissance woman — cooking, sewing, gardening, restoring wicker antiques,… Read more

Marshall Brown

South Shore Paddleboards: A Friend of SGSB!

This video was shot just days before a fire from a nearby business shuttered Karen’s store. She has now camped her business at The Long… Read more

Marshall Brown

True Blue: “Drink The Bay Clean” Is A Beer For The Bay

Thank you Mark Burford, Sayville High School ’80, Founder, Brewmaster Emeritus and architect of Drink The Bay Clean! This will be a great summer at… Read more

Marshall Brown

Seeking Apprentice Oysterers

Chuck Westfall of Thatch Island Oysters by Captree [ In opening shot ] is looking for future oyster farmers. $15 an hour.   Chuck is also… Read more

Marshall Brown

Introducing The Creek Defender Program

Read more

Marshall Brown

We All Care About Where We’re From — Saving The Bay

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Marshall Brown

Save The Great South Bay — An Introduction

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Marshall Brown

Blue Point Creek Defender: A Day In Purgatory

The Blue Point Community Coalition, a newly formed and highly passionate local civic association, has demonstrably taken the ball and run with it.   In that… Read more

Marshall Brown

We Need A Green Marina Program

Here’s a note that at first made me sad, then angry, then determined: Hi Marshall, What if anything can be done to bring more environmental… Read more

Marshall Brown

5K Run For The Bay in Sayville Draws 500+ Runners

The second annual 5K Run For The Bay, staged by Blue Island Oyster‘s Operation Blue Earth for the benefit of that initiative and Save The… Read more

Marshall Brown

Volunteer Certificate

This is to certify that the bearer worked as a volunteer for Save The Great South Bay as part of our Creek Defender Program on… Read more

Marshall Brown

Save The Great South Bay Announces Partnership With 1% For The Planet

A huge thanks to Cornucopia of Sayville!   They will be supporting Save The Great South Bay through 1% For The Planet.   They advocated for our… Read more

Marshall Brown

The 5K Run For The Bay And Our Mission: Go Native, Go Naked In Sayville!

The 2nd Annual 5K Run For The Bay Is Happening In Sayville This Saturday! 500 + entrants already! Run for a healthier bay! Read more

Marshall Brown

Speak For Your Bays: Contact Your State Senators

Tell your State Senator that you support S-8170, which would reduce the nitrogen content in lawn fertilizers, and give our bays a break. Read more

Marshall Brown

Contact Kemp Hannon. Tell Him You Support S-8170 “The Fertilizer Fix”

As many of you know, a law has been proposed in Albany that would mandate that lawn fertilizer contain no more than 12% nitrogen in… Read more

Marshall Brown

A Swamp Forest Is Born In Babylon

The Creek Defender Program is for the 41 creeks that feed into The Great South Bay. Babylon is our model. On April 21st, with the… Read more

Marshall Brown

Help Plant Swamp Forests And Help The Bay

If we are to revitalize The Great South Bay, we need to improve the health of the mainland. The mainland’s groundwater is polluted, and its… Read more

Marshall Brown

Support “The Fertilizer Fix” and Help Our Bays!

Kudos to Grassroots Environmental Education, our partner in the I Love Long Island Campaign for ‘bay friendly yards’!    Thanks to them and to Assemblyman… Read more

Marshall Brown

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