Can We Bring Oysters Back To The Great South Bay?

Could oysters be returned to The Great South Bay?    If it could be done, it would have two chief benefits:   The oysters would help to filter and clean the bay water.   One oyster can filter up to 50 gallons a day.    Second, Blue Point oysters could again be harvested, but this time sustainably, so that once more and into the future The Great South Bay can become a major source of oysters, creating hundreds of jobs for Long Island.    There are initiatives being pursued, artificial reefs being put in the bay, entrepreneurs seeking to bring aquaculture to the bay.     Here is a company Oysters For Life in Virginia that is selling people subscriptions to buy oysters.  That money is used to run the oyster farms and clean the waters, and the subscribers get “Oysters for Life.”   Is this model successful?  If so, the same could be done here in The Great South Bay.

The Blue Point Oyster Company, a name once known the world over
The Blue Point Oyster Company, a name once known the world over
  • cwk

    how about Town of Islip’s Aquaculture initiative? 95 acres with Oysters. Keep Old Inlet open naturally, And cleanse the Bay for its natural short life.. Don’t spend money unnecessarily on closing something that will happen naturally. Bellone is pandering to political interests and or lobbyists.

  • Kevin

    The chief problem has been the oyster drills. We have been cultivating them in Babylon and even when the oysters have been put in cages and lifted off the ground the drills have been able to get to them.