The Breach Report

Breach 6-8-13
Breach 6-8-13

It was a winding rough and eventually wet week on the Great South Bay, and the surf was up.    Above is a telephoto shot of the surf at The New Inlet from a dock on Bellport Bay.   Lots of blue fish being caught off the dock and in Bellport.   Ospreys spotted on the Carmen’s River.
We will have more local reports — pics, videos, fishing reports — as they come in.

We will say this with each installment of The Breach Report — keep your boat/kayak at a very respectful distance from The New Inlet.   There are lots of shallows where you can run aground.   There are also places where the current is strong.  The New Inlet is narrowing and shoaling, but it still runs swiftly, so the inlet itself is really best seen by driving to Smith Point and walking about 1 1/2 miles west.

For those fishing and boating in The Great South Bay who want a reminder of what the bay looked like for them growing up, a trip to Bellport Bay opposite The New Inlet is recommended.    This summer, The New Inlet will bring a lot of marine life back to The Great South Bay.   Our goal is to chronicle that.