Advisory Board

Stephen Borghardt, Advisory Board Member

Stephen Borghardt

Advisory Board Member

Along with a passion for restoring the health of the Great South Bay, Stephen brings to our Advisory Board a strong background in shellfish restoration efforts, along with fiscal planning and risk management skills from his work in the financial sector to our Board. 

Mark Burford, Advisory Board Member

Mark Burford

Co-founder, Blue Point Brewing

In 1998, Mark Burford, a Long Island native and active environmentalist, co-founded Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue and began what is a true local success story for the region. The first beer the brewery produced won two World Beer Cup gold medals. In 2014, Mr. Burford sold Blue Point to Anheuser-Busch. He continues to lead its operations, brewing and management team from Patchogue, N.Y.

Carl LoBue, Advisory Board Member

Carl LoBue

The Nature Conservancy

Chuck has a clear, indisputable record of being a strong environmental advocate and has used his knowledge and commitment to lead critical efforts to restore clams in the Great South Bay. One of his recent efforts helped to generate broad-based support for the passage of a bill putting an end to purse seining boats capturing menhaden in NY waters. 

Howard Ryan

Founder, Save The Great South Bay and Save Raritan Bay

Howard is an avid recreational fisherman, technology officiant, and former Sayville, NY resident with notable historic accomplishments that have benefited Long Island. In 1995, Howard launched the first public police website in the United States with an emphasis on internet-based systems that substantially helped the Suffolk County Police Department enhance critical public safety matters.

Since those early beginnings, Howard has founded and with membership of upwards of 20,000 NY/NJ members working together to restore water quality and promote environmental stewardship. Most recently, he created and runs both organization’s very popular community window and car bumper sticker initiative. 

Howard currently lives in New Jersey and serves as CEO of Desktop Alert Inc., a widely-used emergency mass notification system for the United States Military, NATO internationally and schools worldwide.

Chuck Westfall

Chuck Westfall

President, LI Oyster Growers

Chuck has a long standing commitment to oyster farming in the Great South Bay having founded Thatch Island Oyster Farm back in 2009. He also spearheads a community-based association representing the social, economic, environmental and political interests of Long Island Oyster Growers.