Save The Great South Bay Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit dedicated to the revitalization of The Great South Bay, a 45 mile long body of water between Long Island’s South Shore and Fire Island.  We are South Shore LI residents, past and present, baymen, fishermen, surfers, sailors, and marine biologists from a dozen organizations now studying the bay.

The New Inlet aka The Old Inlet aka The Breach (Great South Bay Long Island)
The New Inlet aka The Old Inlet aka The Breach

We  were formed August 4th, 2012 as the Sayville Class of ’77 celebrated their 35th at The Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport.   Marshall and fellow classmate Howard Ryan found that all they could talk about that night was how the bay we had grown up on was dying.   Murky, the clams gone, fish mostly gone, and definitely not a place you’d want to swim.    Something had to be done.

We advocate a systematic, scientifically driven approach to the bay’s management. Science, not politics.  A healthy bay means a healthy economy for The South Shore and it means preserving a public good for future generations. We work today so that future generations will fish, clam, swim and boat on these waters as we had.

We believe that if Long Islanders knew the nature and extent of our water pollution issues, we would be only our way to solving them.    We have to contend with 500,000 septic tanks triggering algal blooms and threatening our ground water.    High nitrogen fertilizers, whether from lawns or farms, add to the issue.   Pesticides, improperly disposed of pharmaceuticals, storm runoff, spills, and toxic plumes add the the problem.   It will take a lot of concerted effort and dedication, but Save The Great South Bay, in conjunction with dozens of other Long Island non-profits, is helping to lead the charge not only to save the Great South Bay, but to help assure the future of Long Island itself, its sustainability.

You may find us on Facebook two places:   On our Group Page, if you care to join a group that is now over 11,000 strong and who are dedicated to addressing the bay’s problems, or on our Facebook Page, where the more general public can learn of the bay’s issues and offer their comments.

We hope that this web site will help people to develop public conversations about issues that matter to all of us.

Together, we can remake Long Island for the 21st Century and bring back our bay.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or comments below.