Shellfish Restoration

The West Sayville Marina / Blue Points Oyster Company


Save The Great South Bay, in conjunction with state, county, and local officials, marine scientists, oystermen, and local stakeholders, are seeking ways to strategically introduce shellfish to the bay by way of cleaning it.    As filter feeders, oysters are being used around the world as a means of cleaning up polluted waters, in Chesapeake Bay, New York Harbor with The Billion Oyster Project, and now here on Long Island, with a new initiative to support hatcheries and to create shellfish sanctuaries so that shellfish can reintroduced and clean our waters.

These filter feeders not only clean the bay.   They are also delicious and highly sought after.     Healing the bay through shellfish will assist the broad expansion in oyster farming in the bay, as water quality improves, and in time will prove a boon to The South Shore, provided that we together deal effectively with our septic tank / fertilizer / road runoff / pesticide problems.   Preserving a way of life and rapidly expanding aquaculture is worth the effort.

Save The Great South Bay is dedicated to supporting the efforts of the bay’s oystermen.    If they succeed, we all do.   To that end, we are dedicated to finding the best practices for environmental remediation through oysters, whether in The Chesapeake, or through New York City’s Billion Oyster Project, or closer to home, with Friends of Bellport Bay.    Given the value of oysters today, there is also a lot of innovation around how best to grow them.

Of course, nothing happens without cleaner water.  That is why getting rid of our cesspools and septic tanks, healing our creeks, tackling runoff, and practicing natural lawn care is so important.

Please contact us with any suggestions you may have.  You can also donate our efforts.   We want to apply the latest techniques in aquaculture to revitalize our bay, our economy and our local culture.