Beautiful Native Yards Are Good For Your Local Waters

Save The Great South Bay has been contacted by a number of people from all over Long Island who interested bringing organic lawn care to their communities.

Here’s how we can help:

With Literature

We will be happy to supply you with whatever materials you want, in quantity, whether on Organic Lawns or on  Long Island Water Issues.    A school principal just asked for some for his teachers, who could then teach the Middle School kids.  I replied that we could supply enough for every person in town if need be.   We would also bring in people to speak about the town’s local environmental issues, and how best to tackle them.

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With Video

Water Matters, a new video streamed show, just launched.  Here is Friday’s episode with Prof Chris Gobler of Stony Brook, a major authority on why are waters are sick and what we need to do to heal them.   There will be ten episodes between now and May 6th where I’ll be interviewing the top environmentalists on Long Island.   We will be adding in other videos from other groups so that the public can become more educated.   What is happening on Long Island — with 500,000 cesspools / septic tank leaching nitrogen into the groundwater, triggering massive algal blooms in all our bays and many of our ponds, is the biggest environmental crisis no one has heard of in this country.  We are hoping video will raise awareness to where it needs to be.

With a Strong Group on Facebook.  We have almost 2600 members, and it is growing very quickly now around the issue of going organic.   There are people who are members of Save The Great South Bay in every town on Long Island.

With the Best Organic Landscaping and Habitat Restoration Talent We Can Find

The Perfect Earth Project is a tremendous organization that advocates for and designs organic yards.  They will be working closely with us in our local efforts to build communities around organic yard care.   Here in my suburb, I see many fine lawns, hear often the roar of the leaf blower, see those yellow hazard signs dotting these lawns.   But I don’t see many bugs, and few birds.   Whole gated communities with practically nothing living in them except human beings because they have the place sprayed and fertilized, the clippings and the leaves all carted off when that’s what your yard needs for food.  A town stops spraying pesticides.   Lawn clippings are mulched into the lawn.  Leaves too.   The soil, finally, is fed properly.  Soon, there are a lot more bugs.   With them come the birds.  Local plantings bring back the native creatures.  Watch nature reawaken one yard at a time.  In time, watch the local waters improve.

If you have a landscaper, you can always just hire one who will do your organic lawn care for you.   Register all the local organic resources for your community here.

By Speaking With You, and Holding Public Meetings

The local membership of Save The Great South Bay will help you in your local effort to raise awareness.   We will come speak to your community about the local environment and how it may be improved.

By Finding The Best Web Tools Available For Local Environmental and Civic Groups

Here for instance is a map of the Sayville area.    We are planning to use the map to inventory local environmental issues around Sayville.    As we get started on that, we could help you run the same kind of project in your town.  Where is there illegal dumping?   Where are the outfall pipes?    Where do I recycle?    Where are the sustainable businesses in town?

Contact us if you need to get started.  Tell us for instance how much literature you’d need

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