1. Steven Barraco says:

    A donation in loving memory of Gordon Sammis.
    Farewell to our friend, Gordon Sammis. May your soul and spirit continue to navigate at sea and may you rest in peace for all eternity.

  2. Steven Barraco says:

    A donation made in loving memory of Gordon Sammis.
    Farewell to our friend Gordon Sammis. May your soul and spirit continue to navigate at sea and may you rest in peace for all eternity.

  3. Matthew Gettinger says:

    Long Island Natives would like to donate 10% of the sales from our Fall 2018 Native Plant Sale. We look forward to working together again in the future.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been a “member” since the day I was born, to a Brookhaven bayman’s family. The Bay is my Happy Place, and my families Happy Place. This donation, though, is not only in support of the Bay but in support of a talented local musician, Nick Russel on his record release! Congrats on this Milestone!

  5. Amanda Lauth says:

    Since the day I was born, the Bay has been my Happy Place, and my families Happy Place. We grew up on the Bay, boating, fishing & lounging long summer days away with the BEST memories, something I hope to share with future generations to come. So this donation is to the future!

  6. Judy Abrams says:

    The Great South Bay has been a source of beauty and joy for most of my life. My daughter Lori, my brother-in-law Bill, in-laws Helen and Walt and sister-in-law Ginny all loved the bay. This donation is in memory of them and to future generations of Long Islanders.

  7. James Westpfahl says:

    I’ve been reaping the benefits of the Great South Bay since the 1940s. It’s really difficult to accept the environmental changes that have taken place over the years. Todd Brice at Yacht Service in Amityville was the first person I know to step up and do something to bring our bay back to the way it used to be. None of us should sit back and expect others to do the work.

  8. Catherine Penna says:

    My cousin sent me your email with the booklet attached. This was the first I heard of you. I was so impressed that someone was finally trying to address the poisons that come with road water run-off. I have been trying to get my homeowners association to pay attention to this very issue.

  9. Patricia OMalley says:

    This donation is in memory of a wonderful friend and neighbor Roy Ward who died this week. We shared so many happy occasions over the years as our children grew. We all loved “Roy”

  10. Kiersten Thornton (on behalf of the Office of Legal Affairs at NAHB) says:

    This donation is made in Memory of Roy Roe Ward. We offer our deepest condolences to our colleague, Tom Ward, and his family.

    The Office of Legal Affairs Team at NAHB

  11. Ann Verschuuren says:

    The children of this generation of parents are the luckiest of all people in the USA. We grew up with a true sense of neighborhood, which included antics and discipline. We lived for the beach. Sand and salt water are our oxygen. Mr. Ward (Uncle Roy) was a key element to the success of it all. We honor all our loved ones each time there is sand between our toes.

  12. Cathy McConnell says:

    I am becoming a member after learning about your organization at the memorial service for Roy Ward. I’ve lived next door to Roy on Willet’s Creek in W. Islip for the last couple of years, and share his interest in the Great South Bay and wildlife. I am excited to become a member and am eager to learn more about how I can help restore it.

  13. Rose Costello says:

    In memory of Roy Roe Ward. I will miss his tomatoes, his farmer hat but most of all his kindness and all the fun we all had at bridge, and at the pool with everyone.

  14. Liz Ullman says:

    We used to swim in the Connetquot River as kids, rowed our boat through all of Idle Hour’s canals, fished and clammed the Great South Bay. What would my childhood have been without all of that?

  15. Perry Kinkaide says:

    The Bay is an asset of historical, social and economic value fir us all. The Oakers owned the Blue Point Oyster Company that prospered until the ’38 hurricane wrecked the bottom fir oysters but seeded a futures of clamming. My cousin – the Steins gave ferried millions across the Bay
    Save the Bay for the future!

  16. Robert Milligan says:

    Jack Milligan has collected cans and bottles over the last 5 months for his 7th grade Environmental Science project with the intention of supporting your organization.

  17. Jennifer Kennedy says:

    Although my family doesn’t live on the Great South Bay, it is very special to us. We began boating on it about 24 yrs ago when we lived in Queens. We would drive out every weekend to cruise and fish. Now that we live on the North Shore we are a bit closer and still enjoy the beautiful Great South Bay. Can’t wait to get our boat out there this season! ❤

  18. Sandra Dehner says:

    The Great South Bay is a jewel and gives me great joy every time I walk my dog to Mascot dock or Shorefront Park in Patchogue. I am looking forward to more actively participating in preserving its function and beauty.

  19. Peter English says:

    I’m moving out to Sayville and want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings responsibly and help the bay get back to its full glory for generations to come to enjoy as I’m sure we will.

  20. Jacquelyn Schwicke says:

    Long Islanders define ourselves by our relationship with our beaches and waterways. We must protect these gifts! There is no “they”, only “us”.

  21. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    This donation I in memory of Charles Woodman aka Charlie. He was a lover of the Great South Bay, sailing and enjoying the beauty of the bay.

  22. James Dwyer says:

    I grew up in Brightwaters where I spent my summers swimming, sailing and otherwise cavorting on the Great South Bay. Been gone 50 years and can still taste the water and smell the air. So glad to know there is an organized effort to educate and remediate. Happy to lend support to your good work.

  23. Gregory Manno says:

    Donation made in memory of Vincent J. Manno. As a kid, my parents used to take me fishing out of Captree. As I got older, I’d go crabbing down at Mascot Dock. A few years ago I started going to Davis Park. And, at my wedding, all of the tables were named after local bodies of water. Our table? Great South Bay. I’m so happy to be able to donate to this wonderful body of water that has meant so much to me throughout my life.

    Come on South Shore, let’s bring the Great South Bay back to life!

  24. Brooke Carey says:

    Please accept this donation on behalf of the Babylon Scope Summer Enrichment Kindergarten class. They were thrilled with the success of their lemonade stand and happy to help support all of the great work that you do!

  25. Bonnie Kessinger says:

    My fiancé and I chose to donate to several important charities instead of purchasing party favors for our wedding. We spend a lot of time outside enjoying the scenery on Long Island and want to be a part of preserving it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    A donation has been made in honor of a dedicated Long Island science teacher who loves nature and is passionate about keeping our shores clean. Happy birthday Sarah! <3

  27. Gabrielle Sprance says:

    We founded our business of recycling and giving back. This year at our holiday event, we choose STGSB as our charity to donate back to. We raised $50 in just a few hours so we know there are a lot of people like us that know how important it is to save our island. Happy to help in any other way we can!!

  28. Linda Figueroa says:

    The GSB is a beautiful gift to Long Island. It’s our legacy to our grandchildren and generations to come. Let’s work together to preserve what we’ve enjoyed over the years.

  29. James Kennedy says:

    My family and I have been boating in the GSB for the past 20 years. I wish I knew about this group sooner. Please reach out and let me know how we can help further.
    Jim and Jen

    • Save The Great South Bay says:

      Thank you Jim & Jen for your generous donation. We are boaters, fishermen, surfers, paddleboarders, oyster farmers & more! Lots of clean ups coming up if you’d like to participate. Check out our events page.

  30. Katrina Albanese says:

    I’m so happy to have found an organization that shares the same passion for the environment that I do; and one that actively takes action towards bettering our outside home. This is donation is the money I raised from my fundraiser.
    -Miss Suffolk County Earth
    Katrina Albanese

  31. Michael Harms says:

    Because the ocean animals deserve to be healthy and the Earth needs to stop being destroyed by humans. Because I grew up here and it’s a shame we do this to our home.

  32. Ann Marie Romeo says:

    This donation is made in honor of a young man Zachary McCarthy who passed on June 28, 2020. May your soul and spirit continue to navigate at sea and may you rest in peace. Sending our love and deepest sympathies to the McCarthy family.
    Ann Marie Romeo and Michael Sculley.