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Where Will “Drink The Bay Clean” Will Be Served?

“Drink The Bay Clean,” an India Pale Lager, is being brewed by Blue Point Brewery in order to support Save The Great South Bay’s efforts.   All for a great cause, of course, but this beer was brewed with a love for Long Island.   Drink The Bay Clean India Pale Lager is brewed on Long Island and for Long Island.   This IPL begins with glacial water, left eons ago when Long Island was formed.  Blue Point Brewery then combines wheat malt, Admiral, Calypso and Horizon Hops to create “Drink The Bay Clean.”     The people who invented this beer, who make it and distribute it, grew up on The Great South Bay.   They know what to drink here in the summer — this beer is floral and biting like an IPA, but refreshing like a lager.  This is Long Island’s summer beer.

With every sip, you’ll be contributing to the health of our waters.

A portion of the proceeds from Drink The Bay Clean will go to supporting Save The Great South Bay’s Creek Defender Program, which will establish a Defender for every South Shore community and for its 31 creeks, The I Love Long Island Campaign, a ‘grassroots’ effort to move from pesticides and chemical fertilizer to eco-friendly yards, and for efforts to return shellfish to The Great South Bay.

Our Facebook Group Membership (11,240 strong!) has been offering suggestions for where along The South Shore “Drink The Bay Clean”  would be served.   We’ve probably had 100 venues suggested so far — Tres Palmes, The Cull House, The Snapper Inn, South Shore Dive, JT Finley’s, etc.

Where Will “Drink The Bay Clean” Be Served?

“Drink The Bay Clean” is an India Pale Lager brewed by Blue Point Brewery to support Save The Great South Bay in its efforts to revitalize the 31 creeks that feed into the bay, to end pesticide and chemical fertilizer use on lawns, and to return shellfish to The Great South Bay.

If you are a bar or restaurant owner, and want to support Save The Great South Bay, then order your “Drink The Bay Clean” today, by the case or by the keg! If you serve it, Save The Great South Bay will drink it!

Just fill out this request form and Blue Point Brewery will be in touch!

Be In Babylon For Earth Day April 22nd, and Help Make History — The Creek Defender Program Launches


Save The Great South Bay’s Creek Defender Program launches on Earth Day April 22nd along The Carll’s River!

Save The Great South Bay, in conjunction with local citizens, schools, civic groups, businesses, and with other local environmental groups, will be launching its Creek Defender Program.   Save The Great South Bay believes that in order to heal the bay, we need to heal the creeks first.   There are 31 of them that flow into The Great South Bay.   The launch of The Creek Defender Program in Babylon is meant as a model for all the communities on The South Shore:   Here is how you can be effective local stewards of your bays, ponds, streams and creeks.

The first creek we will address is Carll’s River, which begins well north of The Sunrise Highway.  We’ve mapped it online like all the other 30 creeks.     Clicking on the image will take you to a live map.


Babylon High School, The Elementary School, The PTA, The Village of Babylon, The Town of Babylon, Seatuck,The I Love Long Island Campaign, South Shore Paddle Boards, and a number of local civic groups and businesses will gather to help clean The Carll’s River.   We must defend our creeks.  We must stop polluting them with runoff, pesticides, and lawn fertilizers, and illegal dumping.   In order to heal The Great South Bay, we need to heal the 31 creeks that flow from The South Shore into The Great South Bay.

We propose to accomplish this by organizing ten person teams of volunteers to go door to door in Babylon Village and along Carll’s River with information on The Creek Defender Program, on ecosafe lawn care and using native plantings, to proper stewardship of this river.   Babylon’s efforts on Earth Day will become a model for how we address our other South Shore creeks.

9:00 -12:00 South Shore Paddle Boards will lead a clean up of the Sumpawams, starting at their store at 258 East Main Street.

12:00-1:00 Registration, Staging (DJ), Babylon Elementary School:

1:00 – 4:00 Creek Clean Up. Door-to-Door Campaign promoting , which

4:00-8:00 After Party at The Babylon Gazebo. Kick Off by Todd Shaw, Babylon’s Creek Defender (Carlls, Sumpawams, Fosters)

Beer provided by Blue Point Brewery, Brewers of a soon-to-be released beer “Drink The Bay Clean,” with proceeds going to support The Creek Defender Program and other initiatives for the bay.

Live Music


Local Environmental Groups

Kudos to Babylon for showing The South Shore the way, and for creating the model through which, creek by creek, we can bequeath a healthier bay to future generations!

If you’d like to participate, drop us a line!

Save The Great South Bay Tours Bellport Inlet (The Breach) with The New York Times — The Overwhelming Consensus: Leave It Alone

The breach, now known as Bellport Inlet, is now broadly accepted as being a boon to The Great South Bay. No longer are there calls for its closure. It has revitalized Bellport Bay, and showed us what we lost and could yet get back

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“Once More Unto The Breach, My Friends, Once More” — Please Submit Your Public Comments By Oct 8th!

The Great South Bay may getting worse in general, year by year, but not around the breach due south of Bellport. There, you will see clean water, fish, birds, seal, fish, mussel beds -- nature resurgent. The National Parks Service is obliged to offer this period of public comment as it prepares its management plan and environmental impact statement for "The Breach." So let's tell them where we stand!

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A Pledge To Help Build A Sustainable Long Island Taken at The Aspen Action Forum

The video here is from last year's Action Forum, where I offer an update from 2013. Membership in the Save The Great South Bay Facebook Group had tripled to over 1700. A consortium called The Long Island Clean Water Partnership had formed, comprised of over 100 organizations. Somehow, people on the local, state and federal level got on the same page, prodded by the science. Similarly, local reporting on Long Island's environmental issues, especially around water quality, really came around. Increasingly, Long Islanders are becoming aware of the challenges our waters face.

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Can Long Island Be Saved? — Part XII: 2014 — A Watershed Year?

This December finds Long Island's environmentalists, those in The Nature Conservancy, The Citizen's Campaign for the Environment, The Group For the East End, The Pine Barrens Society, and the 100+ local organizations in The Long Island Clean Water Partnership in a state of wonder and exhaustion: Wonder because politicians and policy makers at all levels of government and across the political spectrum are standing together. They are all in agreement with the science that shows that Long Island is in a water quality / water pollution crisis and that something must be done immediately and on a large scale to address it.

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Can Long Island Be Saved? Part IX — The Following Beaches Will Be Closed This Weekend…

This what happens on Long Island in the warm months every time it rains. And it gets worse by the year. Before 1984, we did not have algal blooms around Long Island. Headlong development has caught up with us. What led us to think that we could put 500,000 septic tanks / cesspools in the low lying sand of Long Island and not suffer some consequences? That said, we had no definitive scientific link between nitrogen from our septic tanks and the explosion of algal blooms now threatening almost all our waters until 2005.

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