News12: Fire Island Breach Created by Superstorm Sandy Stops Brown Tide at Great South Bay


….which begs the question, ‘shouldnt we be opening up breaches in Shinnecock and Moriches Bays and other places so that they could be freed of brown tides as well, and so that the fish can come back?   We’d still need to get our acts together on land and lower the contamination levels of our ground water — septic tanks seepage is the major contributor to these brown tides in the form of nitrogenous waste.   But still we need to save enough of these ecosystems now so that we can restore them long term.   We need a sustainable Long Island, and that means clean water — on land and therefore in the bays as well.


Fire Island breach created by Superstorm Sandy stops brown tide at Great South BaySuperstorm Sandy may have spared the Great South Bay from “brown tide” this year. For decades, brown tides have threatened marine life in Long Island’s waterways. But this year, experts say the levels of microscopic algae are low due to the new inlet created on Fire Island by Superstorm Sandy.

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