Today, Oct 5th, The Suffolk County Legislature will be debating funding of a plan for sewering along the main streets and in the low lying areas of Sayville, West Sayville, and Oakdale.    We need vibrant town centers — and we really need a healthy bay.    Replacing the thousands of cesspools that now sit near the water table would improve water quality in the local bay almost immediately.   The more the water can be improved, the better the prospects are for expanding oystering in The Great South Bay.    With each acre of farmed oyster capable of producing $100K of revenue or more, we want thousands of acres opened up.   This would be an economic boon not only for these three villages, but for all of Long Island.   As a bonus, growing oysters in bulk will also contribute dramatically to the improvement of the bay.   Each oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.   Five thousand acres could not just yield $500 mil a year in gross revenue, that could filter the bay’s water daily.

Please sign this petition then in support of Legislator Tom Cilmi and Legislator William Lindsay’s efforts to secure the funds necessary to make this waste water infrastructure project “shovel ready.”

Budgets are priorities.   What pays for something takes money from somewhere else.   But here is a spend that will reap great benefits for all.