Support “The Fertilizer Fix” and Help Our Bays!

Kudos to Grassroots Environmental Education, our partner in the I Love Long Island Campaign for ‘bay friendly yards’!    Thanks to them and to Assemblyman Steve Englebright, Chair, Committee on Environmental Conservation and Kemp Hannon,Senate Health Committee Chair, there’s now a bill before The New York State Legislature that would lower the nitrogen concentration in our lawn fertilizers and give our bays a break!

But that doesn’t happen without YOU.   Please read this notice below, and act:

Fighting For Our Bays

Long Island Assemblyman Steve Englebright and Senator Kemp Hannon have introduced legislation to curb the use of water-soluble, high-nitrogen fertilizers on Long Island. The bills (A10276 and S8170) would amend the Environmental Conservation Law to require lawn fertilizers used or sold on Long Island to contain a minimum of 50% water insoluble nitrogen, and limit total nitrogen to no more than 12% by weight. (Read the proposed law here).


We are up against one of the largest industries in the country, one that is intent on keeping its market share, no matter the cost. Lobbyists will be swarming all over Albany, using their influence to per$uade lawmakers that this legislation just isn’t necessary, that there are better ways to do this, and besides, it’s not the products that are the problem, it’s the people who use them! (Heard that argument before?)

We know better. Voluntary efforts don’t work, especially in a highly competitive field like lawn care. Asking homeowners to measure their properties and calculate their square footage and calibrate their spreader settings hasn’t worked either. And limiting applications to no more than 0.9 pounds per thousand square feet no more than three times in any season is just plain unenforceable, and hasn’t worked in any area where it’s been tried.


Please help us reach out to members of the NY Legislature with Letters of Support. We’ve put sample letters and email addresses up on the ILoveLongIsland website.Click here to view sample letters, bullet points and addresses


And Thank You for your support of I Love Long Island!

– The Grassroots Team