Who Wants To Do A 90 Second Video On A Long Island Water Issue For My Show, Water Matters?


As many of you already know, I am hosting a video-streamed show called “Water Matters.”   It runs through May 9th, streamed live at 12:30 on 10 Fridays between now at May 6th.  The next show is January 29th.   You can watch it live at the show’s page, which is the link just provided.    You can also watch previously streamed shows, and see who our upcoming guests are.

Along with all these local experts on Long Island’s water issues, we want to include those who want to work with us to create a 90 second video where you would have the opportunity to sound off on a particular water issue that you feel needs more attention, which needs to be addressed.   We call this “The Soapbox” segment.

Here is how the show’s producers over at Grassroots Environmental Education put it:

Stand on our Soapbox: Did you ever wish you could talk directly to some local or state official about the water situation in your area?  Okay then – come stand on our Soapbox! Come to the studio and record your two-minute pitch, and we’ll include it in the show where everyone can see it – including, probably the official you want to talk to!  Send your script to s[email protected].

Also, cc me at [email protected].

We will work with you and the script, and video the whole thing, to be shown at a future date on the show.   If you can get to Port Washington during business hours so we can shoot the video, that would be ideal.

Here’s how you contact us, should you have any questions: