On Sunday, March 27th, the Save The Great South Bay Creek Defenders teamed up with Keep Islip Clean for a cleanup in a small section of Pardees Creek where it goes under Spur Drive.
A small crew worked well at this clean up as there wasn’t much space along the creek for a lot of people. Volunteers went north first hugging the muddy shore until we were about half way to the parkway.
They picked up a tire, a gas powered weed trimmer; minus the motor, a bucket, 10 bags worth of bottles, cans, plastic items/bags , a big container of used motor oil that was out in the creek, some metal part that looked like the frame for a folding table, a trash bag of household garbage that was in the creek and a child’s wading pool (that’s the big round blue thing) way out from the road.
The pool was in there for so long that years of leaves in it had turned to soil. It took some work, but we got it out of the ground and rolled it along the creek and out to the road. A few items remain which will get picked up on the next clean up.
A big thank you to Bill Raftery, an amazing clean up volunteer, Keep Islip Clean and to all the volunteers who showed up to Start Where They Stand.

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