On Saturday, April 24th, Troop 399 joined West Islip Creek Defender Andy Mirchel to clean up along the Sampawams Creek. These scouts were literally up to their knees in muck gathering debris from the creek beds allowing the creek to flow freely again. A simultaneous clean up was occurring further up the Sampawams Creek at a sump area just south of the Deer Park outlets led by Rich Groh of the Town of Babylon Department of Environmental Control. Rich was joined by members of the Parkdale Civic Association who helped clear out years of debris that was coming off the streets. A local girl scout troop lent a hand as well to earn a patch on environmental stewardship. Thank you all for starting where you stand and for your dedication to saving the Great South Bay one creek at a time.

#startwhereyoustand #sampawamscreek #savethegsb




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