Stonybrook University’s Reports on The New Inlet/Breach

Professor Charles Flagg of Stony Brook’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, or SoMAS, (PhD, MIT/Woods Hole 1977)  has been studying The Great South Bay and other coastal lagoons for much of his career.  Below are links to his last three regular reports  on The New Inlet, which are based on 24/7 monitoring of tidal action and salinity, as well as mosaic or three dimensional renderings of The New Inlet, as mapped by the SoMAS team.   Here is in addition a link to his Great South Bay Ecosystem Project research page, which has some great video, photographic, and research content.


Inlet_Report 8 March 15th

Mosaic of New Inlet, From Prof. Charles Flagg and SoMAS' Monthly Report
Mosaic of New Inlet, From Prof. Charles Flagg and SoMAS’ Monthly Report


Inlet_Report_7a February 27th

From Prof. Charles Flagg's February Report
From Prof. Charles Flagg’s February Report

Inlet_Report_January 30th

New Inlet January 6th

The New Inlet January 27th