Your money goes to support our Creek Defender Program, which helps to organize clean ups along the 36 creeks that flow into The Great South Bay. It supports our native planting initiatives along those same creeks. It also supports our “Bay Friendly Yards” program, which also advocates for native plantings and habitat restoration.

We envision a healthy bay fed by clean fresh water from our creeks.  We believe people can and will change their lawn care behaviors, and move away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, if they knew they’d be protecting the bay and our drinking water.  We know that shellfish, as filter feeders can help clean the bay, and bring our traditional industry back to The South Shore. We believe we can assure our way of life with a healthy bay. That is our mission.

We take the view that the bay is a symptom, that it’s the mainland that’s sick. Through local stewardship, community by community, house by house, and with the support of local businesses, we can make a difference in the water quality that flows from our yards and creeks and into the bay. Native plantings help to filter the groundwater, don’t require fertilizers, pesticides or watering, are cheaper to maintain, and are far more beautiful than the artificial plantings and the lifeless lawns that we are told are to be desired.   The most beautiful places on Long Island are the places that remain untouched. Saving our bay means doing everything we can to to “go native.”

With over 14,000 members in our Facebook Group, Save The Great South Bay is in every South Shore town. We promote local stewardship. We work with all local civic groups — schools, churches, Rotary Clubs, Lion’s Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis Clubs. local businesses. We believe that together we can return nature’s beauty to The South Shore and with that revitalize the bay.

Here’s who you can further help:

1. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved in with our Creek Defender Program, or our Bay Friendly Yards Program, or volunteer in any way.

2. Shop tax free at our webstore at our store. All our apparel is made at Spectrum Designs in Port Washington, which employs young autistic adults, and is of the finest quality cotton, using eco-friendly inks.

3. Attend our events.  We believe in live music, in art, in eating local, and in enjoying all the bay and The South Shore has to offer.

4. Sign up for our newsletter (click on box below) and stay informed.

5. Become a sponsor — for our site, for an event, for your local Creek Defender. Please inquire at [email protected] or phone us at (646) 827-0733

6. Ask us to come speak before your group. Please inquire at [email protected] or phone us at (646) 827-0733 Only by working together and locally can we start to bring back our bay.

Kind Regards,

Marshall Brown
Executive Director
Save The Great South Bay

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