“How are you Sampwams Creek?
I know you can’t speak,
But I’m asking on behalf
Of all the south shore creeks
And I’m asking what you’d like
To have happen to restore you
To what you were like when
You began seeping out of the land
That was soaked with water
When the glacier was melting”

“We are ashamed of what we’ve done
You know what we’ve done
Now much of the damage can’t be reversed”

A native indigenous chief acted as spokesman
“ Let us speak as a small tribe
That once lived by this creek.
We drank its water, fished and hunted.
We ask that you remember
How we treated the creek
And depended on it for our survival.”

“We ask that you apply how we used the creek
To other places that are unblemished
To honor them and respect them
And live by them so that all of us
Can benefit from its beauty
And use it the way did.”

Tom Stock
Dedicated to Ted Strickroth
May 28, 2022

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