Children’s Books On The Ocean by Dr. Udo Wahn of Sayville, LI

While his first four books, which form the Cabo and Coral series, have to do with surfing and the waters around Hawaii, his love for the ocean itself began during his childhood in Sayville Long Island, along the shores of The Great South Bay.  You can check out his books and order them from his site below.  Here’s a description of his works, and what inspires them:

Aloha!   Sharing, being kind and living in harmony with our environment, that’s the Aloha Spirit!   The message of living aloha flows through all the books in the Cabo and Coral series of educational and inspirational books. The vivid, alluring illustrations found in the books captive readers both young and old.

As a core Surfrider Foundation volunteer activist, Udo has been dedicated to teaching kids about the environmental issues facing our planet.  Children will learn about ways to keep the beaches clean, protecting our ocean reefs and reducing single use plastic.

For the Sake of Hugh Manatee has vivid illustrations by Ron Croci and an attention getting story line that will compel you and your family to take action for clean water. Our world depends on it!
A large part of the proceeds will go to support The Maddie James Seaside Learning Center at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA.

Cabo and Coral Go Surfing is the perfect surf camp companion, but also an important book for any ocean-minded child. As a life-long surfer, Udo felt a strong desire to write a book that would inspire his son and other children to learn about surfing and to help foster the “Aloha Spirit” out in the water. Ocean safety and eating healthy are also emphasized.

Cabo and Coral’s Secret Surf Spot is a fun-filled family surf trip adventure. The explorers find a campground on the beach and their own secret surf spot!

Cabo and Coral Reef Explorers teaches kids about our ocean reefs and the important role that they play in the balance of our planet. This book features art by Wyland Ocean Art Society member, Jennifer Belote.

Are you living aloha?

Cabo and Coral Books with aloha for the ocean-minded child. by author Udo WahnCabo and Coral Go Surfing: Children’s Picture Book about surfing and the aloha spirit.

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