I was recently asked to speak before Girl Scout Troop #217 (Bayport-Blue Point) by Troop Leader Amy Prince about The Great South Bay and what they could do to help it.    They decided to help the bay by asking people in their community to make a pledge not to use pesticides on their lawns, and to use only organic fertilizers.    The girls understood that what goes on your lawn ends up either in the bay or in our drinking water.

Here is the display they set up at the Bayport-Blue Point Library:

Take The Organic Pledge Today

Very simple, very effective!   They made bins for the information cards, and created a pledge box.    What if every library on The South Shore had such a display, and what if every community participated in this effort?    How much more alive would our lawns be with bugs and birds?   Would it improve the water quality in the bay?   Would the oysters grow faster and fatter?   How much of an improvement could we together make in the bay’s water quality?   Save The Great South Bay will have scientists and citizen scientists at work to answer those questions.  Has Troop #217 sparked a local movement on The South Shore?   That is a question for each of us, for every community to answer.

Do you want to have a similar display in your library or community venue?  Contact STGSB here and let’s see what we can do together!


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