The Great South Bay.

For hundreds of years, it was a ‘shellfish factory’: oysters, then clams. This shallow

lagoon on The South Shore of Long Island provided half of all the hard shell clams

eaten in this country.

For generations, baymen worked the bay and raised their families

on it. We swam here, we sailed, we fished.

But after World War II, Long Island quadrupled in size, and our local waters suffered greatly.

Thousands of septic tanks, fertilizers, pesticides, road runoff – killing our Great South Bay.

And in 1985, the first major brown tide hit. The clam population fell by well over 90% and a way of life – seemingly disappeared.

Today, the people of Long Island are starting to take a stand, – they are fighting for a future we’d want for our children.

Save The Great South Bay, a non-profit is on the rise. We work to educate Long Islanders

as to what is wrong with their waters – and how we can fix them. We advocate for

local sewer construction along the bay, for open space preservation, for stricter

guidelines on fertilizer use, for implementing the latest in wastewater technologies,

for local action, and most importantly, for a return of the clams and the oysters.

Oysters alone can filter our waters clean and bring in millions of dollars in revenue to our local communities!

We ask you then to help us create a cleaner bay. Use only ecofriendly fertilizers.

Skip the pesticides. Call upon your elected officials to address the environmental

crisis all of Long Island is facing from wastewater. Long Island, and its future, is

worth saving.

For more information – go to our website or find us on facebook and find out how you can help Save The Great South Bay!

The solution – starts with you!

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