Save The Great South Bay encourages all local residents eligible for a sewer hook up (the red zones on the map ) to vote YES Jan 22nd.

Here is a website, Clean Water For Carll’s River, which was set up to address the project and to answer FAQs.

The polling station will be open between 6 AM – 9PM at The Lincoln Elementary School, 300 Park Avenue in Deer Park.

With a YES vote, people Babylon will send an estimated $140.2 million dollars of federal funds its way for sewering to certain Babylon neighborhoods not currently in The Southwest Sewer District.   Funds would also connect some 1491 unconnected parcels currently within the district.

The overall goal is to bring sewering to over 3900 units currently within The Carll’s River watershed.

The money, allocated from Sandy Relief funds, is being used for sewering because a healthier Carll’s River means a healthier bay, and increased coastal resiliency. Marshes, swamp forests, eel grass, and shellfish beds offer natural protective barriers against storms.   They grow best when the water is clean.

There will be an annual cost for a sewer hookup of somewhere between $500-$600 a year annually in this area, but then you don’t have to worry about your cesspool, and if the whole neighborhood is sewered, one may expect homes to appreciate, and in part because the river will be healthier and more vibrant because of that.

Should the vote not pass, the $140.2 million goes back to the federal government, which would be a real missed opportunity. A YES vote improves your home, your neighborhood, Carll’s River and the bay!

Thank you for your support in this!

Marshall Brown
Executive Director
Save The Great South Bay
“Our Bay — For Future Generations!”