Mapping a Sustainable Long Island

Our second public environmental map: Sustainable Long Island, is now live.  Find sustainable and organic farms, vineyards, restaurants, and businesses.  Using Chrome or Firefox browsers, click on the image to view the live map.  Safari will sometimes work, but Internet Explorer is not supported. You can view on the iPad or Android tablets, but it’s not working for mobile – yet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 3.05.23 PM

Please feel free to leave your own tips as to what to add to the maps. You can add your comments to the listings as well.

This map was funded via our Clamstock party at The Blue Point Brewery back on June 21st. Thanks to all who came and donated!

We will continue to populate this map and make others for Long Island detailing where to recycle household chemicals and unused pharmaceuticals, where the superfund cleanup and brownfield sites are, where the 2000 storm outfall pipes are, where wildlife has been spotted, and others as we can fund their creation.

People have found our first map, which shows where to find organic lawn care companies, quite useful.   We hope this new map also becomes a community resource as well.

Here’s that first map. Click on the image to view the live map.

Organic Lawn Care

In these maps, we reference the following local, sustainable businesses, including:

  • Amber Waves Farm
  • Balsam Farms
  • Bare Burger
  • Bayard Cutting Arboretum
  • Bedell Cellars
  • Bella Vita Vineyard
  • Biophilia Organic Farms
  • Bob’s Natural Foods
  • Channing Daughters Winery
  • Condzella’s Farm
  • Corwith Vineyards
  • Garden of Eve farm
  • Halsey Farm Stand
  • Hamlet Organic Garden
  • Homecoming
  • Invincible Summer Farms
  • Juice It Up!
  • Kaos Farms
  • KK’s the farm
  • Kontokosta Winery
  • Lieb Cellars
  • Martha Clara Vineyards
  • Mattebella Vineyards
  • Natural Earth Farms
  • Naturally Good Foods and Cafe
  • One Woman Wines & Vineyard
  • Organics Today
  • Palmer Vineyards
  • Quail Hill Farm
  • Restoration Farm
  • Roanoke Vineyards
  • Rose Meadow Farm
  • Sang Lee Farms
  • Shinn Estate Vineyards
  • Sunset Beach Farm
  • Sylvester Manor
  • The Farm at St. Peter’s
  • The Farms at St. Josephs
  • The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm
  • The Green Thumb Organic Farm
  • The Health Nuts
  • The Milk Pail
  • Wolffer Estate Winery


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