Save The Great South Bay: Our Plans For 2018

Greetings everyone!    Spring is in sight, and soon we will all be back on the bay again!

While things have been quiet, they’ve been busy!

March 28th at Tres Palms, Save The Great South Bay is holding an Open House at Tres Palms, a restaurant-bar in Babylon right on the bay, between the hours of 4 and 8.   This will be what we know will be the first of several this year as we look to having the members get to know each other, and plan together how we can each help The Great South Bay.   Blue Point Brewery, stalwart supporters of Save The Great South Bay, particularly through “Drink The Bay Clean,” an India Pale Lager brewed for the cause, will be on hand with a cask, a raffle, and giveaways.   The board of Save The Great South Bay will be there, and we will be looking to enlist people to help us, especially for the upcoming  Creek Defender Day in Babylon, which is April 21st, Saturday, between 12-4, with John Kennedy with Willets Creek playing this year again at a post cleanup venue TBD.

We will have the elementary school. the high school, the PTA, The Lion’s Club, The Rotary Club, the paddleboarders via South Shore Paddleboards, the girl scouts, and much of Babylon Village itself will participate.    We have had native plants donated for the effort by The Long Island Native Plant Initiative, I am told, and intend to plant them along the Carlls where appropriate.   We will also have drone flights capturing it all, and a film crew from Hofstra’s Center for Civic Engagement interviewing people as they work on their senior class project:   A series of short PSAs on Save The Great South Bay, a local non-profit.   We feel honored that they chose us.   We have segments lined up at an oyster farm and at Blue Point Brewery, but they really want to hear from you.   Come to Tres Palms in March and to Babylon, and tell your story.

Babylon is to serve as a model for Creek Defender programs in every South Shore town — Lindenhurst, Bay Shore, Blue Point, Patchogue, Bayport, Sayville, Islip.   Amityville has The Great South Bay Society and Todd Brice.   They do their clean up of the marsh islands in late September.   We will be with them, as many as they need, though they had about 60 people and a flotilla of 11 boats last year.   They are a real inspiration.   If you wish to volunteer locally for your community, please fill out this volunteer questionnaire.  We will work to organize members in each community.

Here’s what one group of ten out of our eight groups we had in Babylon last year pulled out of Carll’s River:

By the end, we were “tired.”

If you love wildlife, we will be at The Long Island Natural History Conference at Brookhaven National Labs March 23-24.   Always fascinating learning about what creatures dwell amongst us.

Be sure also to register for our 5K Run For The Bay, which is in Sayville April 28th, courtesy of Blue Island Oysters, 8-10 AM.

Last but not least, here is a link to all events for this year SO FAR.   It’s around 30.    To be fair, 15 are repeats — Water Matters streamed live from the new Blue Point Brewery’s beer garden every Friday June-September 4-5, to dovetail with the brewery’s tradition of Friday Tasting Room with live music.   We will have our own set / information kiosk at The Beer Garden, as built out by the producers of Water Matters, Grassroots Environmental Education  and in addition to our scheduled guests, we will want to hear from you in the audience, so drop by.   Drink The Bay Clean will be of course served!

Our goal for 2018 is, in short, to be in every shore community, raising awareness about water quality, whether lawn fertilizers or pesticides, assisting in local cleanups and citizen science, and protecting and restoring habitat along our coastline so that, with modern wastewater infrastructure, our bay may begin to recover.

We are very excited.   We are almost 13,000 strong on Facebook.   Let’s all meet now off line and get to work.   This will be a great spring / summer / fall!

Regards To All,