Fishing By The Island Park Sewage Plant Outfall Pipe

19 Nassau Beaches Closed Including Island Park, But the Charter Fishing Continues

Submitted to STGSB.     Maybe they were shooting a new episode of Deadliest Catch.    Some charter fishing boat was definitely in the worst place you’d want to be — by the OUTFALL pipe of The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, and during a week when the surrounding beaches are closed because of contaminated runoff.

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“I know business is important, but there are other places to fish…  There is a disconnect and no warnings…
It is hard for me to watch a charter commercial fishing boat drift by the outflow pipe with fishing lines down on a normal day, but when they close Island park beach due to bacteria in the water which is a stones throw away it is hard to watch.  Sad if there were any keepers…”

He then quotes from Newsday, which announces the now utterly predictable — heavy rains have washed septic water from our own ground into our bays and made them too dangerous to swim in — and, one would think, to fish in!


Nassau closes 19 beaches on bacteria concerns
Originally published: June 11, 2013 10:28 AM
Updated: June 11, 2013 10:48 AM
By GARY DYMSKI  [email protected]

Heavy rainfall has prompted the closing of 19 beaches, the Nassau County Department of Health said Tuesday. The closings are a precautionary measure, based on concerns over possible bacteria in the water, according to health officials.   Stormwater runoff after heavy rainfall often can cause bacterial levels to spike, they said.

The five closed South Shore beaches include Biltmore Beach Club, Hewlett Point Beach, Island Park Beach, Merrick Estates Civic Association and Philip Healey Beach.