A Friend of Save the Great South Bay

Big things like saving the Great South Bay don’t happen by chance and they are not free. It takes time, money and effort to make a difference. So I thought I’d relate this story.

Some months ago, Lori Stuck agreed to let her Islip store: (Lori’s Nook and Cranny, 469 Main Street, Islip) be the first retail outlet for Save the Great South Bay merchandise.
Lori has a soft spot for causes and for the self starting entrepreneur, and she’s a wellspring of enthusiasm, information and advice. On my most recent visit to the Nook, while my wife was shopping for childrens’ toys, Lori reach under the counter and retrieved a small gift bag. She opened the bag and poured $1.60 in change into my outstretched hand. “What’s this?” I asked. “It’s a donation” she says. And then Lori told me about the person who has made a donation of five quarters,three dimes and five pennies to Save the Great South Bay:

About a week ago, a mother was in the store with her young daughter, who was about ten years old, browsing the merchandise. The little girl asked Lori about the GSB bumper stickers that were on the counter for sale.


Lori explained to her what the stickers are, and what Save the Great South Bay is all about and that it’s selling the stickers to raise money to help clean up the bay. And the little girl said that she wanted to make a donation of some money that she brought from her piggy bank. She then produced $1.60 that she had saved up: five quarters, three dimes and five pennies. She handed the money to Lori as a donation to Save the Great South Bay.  I don’t know the little girls’ name, but I know that she’s a generous person, and I’d like to thank her for her gift to a good cause. And thanks to Lori for her support.

Of course, anyone can donate to STGSB by simply clicking the Donate button on this site.  BTW, Lori’s still got some stickers left!