Invasive plants are taking over Long Island. Not only do they not support local wildlife, but they also “choke out” our necessary native flora. As invasive species are allowed to spread, our biodiversity takes a toll.

Climbing plants such as wisteria and English ivy are especially detrimental. As birds and other fauna carry their berries and seeds into forests, these plants are allowed to spread and grow, and completely devastate and kill the native tree species.

“Addition by subtraction” is a great first step to take when creating your Bay Friendly yard. By removing these plants from your property and avoiding them when planting your garden, you can help mitigate the spread and allow native plants to prosper.

Other common invasive plants include:

• Garlic mustard

• Barberry

• Privet

• Burning bush

• Knotweeds


With a little bit of elbow grease, you can help increase Long Island’s biodiversity and restore our local habitats. Removing invasives from your yard is a great place to start when creating a Bay Friendly space.

For more information on which plants in your yard are invasive, check out Long Island Invasive Species Management Area at

About Bay Friendly Yards

Bay Friendly Yards require no fertilizer or pesticides, no extra water. They are more beautiful, are less expensive to maintain, and they help restore habitat. They also help filter our groundwater before it reaches the bay and our water supply. Visit for more info.

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