is dedicated to preparing us for a future with more flooding. Seas are rising, storms are intensifying. Visit their site, read what they have to say about how we should prepare for this future — using natural defenses like marsh, eelgrass, shellfish beds. Such natural structures take a lot of the energy out of storms. It also of course has the side benefit of vastly improving the marine and estuarine environment, which is why we want to live by the water in the first place.

All that said, Coastal Resilience’ modeling paints a fairly bleak picture of future flooding all along our coasts. To offer an example — What if in the 2020’s Long Island were to be hit with a Category 3 hurricane of moderate strength. A strong storm, but one that must be planned for. Seas are rising, storms are becoming becoming more violent and frequent. Here are a series of maps of The South Shore showing the resulting flooding. This is A LOT to be planning for: