Kayaking The Old Inlet aka The New Inlet aka The Breach April 25th and April 26th 2013

Save The Great South Bay here presents two videos from two Facebook Group members. The first is from Dan Smith, an avid kayaker and Brookhaven resident, of what he (like many) refer to as The Old Inlet, but which others know as The New Inlet or The Breach. Call it what you will, there is no place on The Great South Bay now that has such wild life — osprey, seals, the endangered piping plover, thousands upon thousands of sea birds — and has clear aquamarine water that few today can remember.

The second video is from Michael Busch, who has been providing a great deal of video and photo content to the site and to the cause. His video was also taken by kayak. Given the extreme shoaling he could only get so close to The New Inlet by boat. Only a kayak could get him where he wanted to go. And so,a day later than Dan, he shot a video himself:

We can expect a lot of eco-journalism around Bellport Bay this summer.