Latest Efforts To Clean Up Polluted Waters May Be A Drop In The Bucket

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Richard Murdocco is an important read. Also a great presenter. Check out his site for his calendar.

This article gets to the point — the consensus is that our wastewater problems won’t be solved any time soon. It’s an enormous problem — 500,000 cesspools and septic tanks. Its an expensive problem. Cesspool replacements are costing $20K and above. And only a few have been deployed so far. In my view, we need to move far more quickly if we are to save our waters.

Marshall Brown
Executive Director
Save The Great South Bay

Please read Richard’s piece, below.

Latest Efforts to Clean Up Polluted Waters May Be A Drop in the Bucket | The Foggiest Idea

The following was published exclusively on The Foggiest Idea on January 18, 2019. Want to support The Foggiest Idea’s award-winning coverage? Click here. But If We Do Nothing, Region Will Be Up A Creek Without a Paddle By Richard Murdocco Fighting for water quality is “the most important priority” of his administration, declared Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone in January 2014.