Let’s Build A Web Based Environmental Map of Long Island Together

Save The Great South Bay has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for a web-based crowdsourced environmental map of Long Island.


Here is a list of the sorts of things this map will allow us to do:

1. Nature photographers will be able to post their pictures and videos at the very place they took their pictures.

2.  The hundred + environmental groups on Long Island will be able to place themselves on the map so that volunteers and donors can find them, and where they also could post events, and in the process coordinate better with each other.

3. Local cleanups will be a lot easier to organize.   Everyone in the community will be able to see where the problems are on the web.

4. Long Islanders will know what local restaurants, farms, vineyards and businesses support sustainability.    Here’s the progress on the sustainability layer of the map so far.

5. We will be able to import local, state, and federal environmental data, so that we can all locate the former state and federal superfund clean up sites, along with the brown fields .

6. Long Island residents will know where locally they can dispose of unused pharmaceuticals, batteries, toxic household products like paint and solvents, and where to find local organic yard care companies.   Here is the layer of the map that concerns organic yard care companies on Long Island, as certified by The State of New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

Long Islanders will have a complete inventory of all the environmental issues in their community with just one click.   We should know where specifically where the estimated 2000 outfall pipes are in Suffolk County that now pour storm runoff into our streams and eventually our bay.   We should know where the hundred or so dams and spillways now stand all through the county, for they block alewife, herring and sturgeon from spawning upstream.   What if we could bring them back in numbers?   Save The Great South Bay will be working very closely with local, state, and federal agencies to have all key local environmental data imported into the map.  That, combined with the information that could be posted by every community and every local ‘green’ group, will provide Long Island with a potential road map to a sustainable future for Long Island.

For this capability, for something that will benefit every civic group on Long Island, and even in Brooklyn and Queens, we need to raise $15,000 dollars in the next 26 days in our Kickstarter Campaign.   Literally hundreds of orgs and millions of people will benefit because communities will be able to inventory their environmental issues and their resources in real time.

Save The Great South Bay is a 501 (C)3, meaning all donations are tax deductible.   In addition, if we achieve our Kickstarter goal of $15,000 for the map, there will be awards for donations at different levels.

1. For donations of $5 dollars or more, you will receive a Save The Great South Bay Bumper Sticker:

Save The Great South Bay European Bumper Sticker

2. For Donations of $100 or more, you will receive a sticker plus a Save The GSB Teeshirt:


3.  For Donations $500 or above, you will own an original Susan Brown, a Sayville Outsider Artist, whose works start at $200.

If communities had the ability to map themselves, they would be cleaner, safer, healthier, better run communities.  This map will help many.  You can help get it built at Kickstarter.