Here is the latest news from The National Parks Service on the breach.

It substantiates what people at Save the Great South Bay and what marine scientists have been saying, based on the data, and on a thorough knowledge of barrier beach dynamics.

The Breach May 18th

The Breach May 18th

Here are the key bullet points:

To date, breach monitoring data indicates that:

  1. The breach, although not static, is relatively stable and there is a likelihood that closure by natural processes may occur in the future.
  2. Water levels and tidal amplitude in eastern Great South Bay returned to normal soon after Hurricane Sandy and have remained in the normal range.
  3. Water exchange between the ocean and bay has increased in eastern Great South Bay.
  4. Extensive shoaling has occurred within the Great South Bay just north of the breach.

In other words, contrary to the alarmist talk that the breach would expand, the uninformed opinion that it was causing flooding, the breach is cleaning up the eastern part of The Great South Bay, and starting to fill in naturally.

It will be quite a summer on The Great South Bay — for boaters, fishermen, swimmers, and for all the wildlife that call it home.    When it gets to September there will be again a push to close it, but as matters stand, there is no scientific or practical rationale for doing so.