Both New York and New Jersey have witnessed some great recent State level ecological leadership in response to the current abysmal waterway horrors we see taking place daily.

Look no further than the tremendous and historical success associated with the Hudson River billion dollar cleanup effort to quickly realize that when it comes to water matters, money matters.  And why does this matter?  The Hudson River is likely among one of the most polluted waterways in U.S. History.  If they can save the Hudson we can save The Great South Bay.  But we have relatives we have to work with.  The Great South Bay is not an ecologically detached body of water.

Bottom Line: Give mother earth a chance and she will respond with a thank you!

For example, our friends at RiverKeeper.org began as the Hudson River Fisherman’s Association and, over 50 years later, they are New York’s clean water advocate, having helped set worldwide standards for waterway and watershed protection and serving as the model for more than 300 Keeper programs around the globe.  Save The Great South Bay lauds such efforts as we are all deeply connected to the waters we share.

Since I now live and fish in New Jersey weekly for over 4 years I have recently launched SaveRaritanBay.org.  The response has been significant and has created some great cross-bay pollination/collaboration between our sister bays.  Check it out! We share the same water, fish and pollution in no uncertain order.  Power is in numbers and with water matters, money matters.

Beit New York or New Jersey, the attention and measured success our states have recently garnered for the resuscitation of our local waterways has been  due mostly to well-intended hard driven grass roots campaigns.

While locally focused efforts have started to stem the tide against the brown tide and pollution in our NY/NJ waterways it is time to fortify a unionized collaboration which will act as a strong-arm intermediary between the local waterways we own and love and with that of the state and federal government.

A conjoining effort, dare I say it a “NY NJ Waterway State of the Union Conference” might just be the next best step.  Respectfully request inputs from everyone on the concept of creating a unique standalone NY/NJ Waterway alliance group/team/conference.  New York and New Jersey upping the ante and combining for success.  The unfortunate truth is, we just cannot do it alone.  We must take Save The Great South Bay with our lessons learned, best practices and members to other waterways in our regional areas and beyond.  The next best step. We are all one in the same. To help the NY/NJ effort and eventually NY/NJ Summit realty please join the Facebook group SaveRaritanBay, our sister bay as it has some great and smart people who want to merge with us!  Use the COMMENT feature on this page!  Thank You!


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