News12 to Air FIve Part Series on Long Island Water Quality — What’s In The Water (Sept 23rd through 27th)

What’s in the Water has been produced by News12 in response to the crisis Long Island and its waters now face. Brown tide, red tide, rust tide, blue green algae, constant beach closings and shellfish bed closings in bays throughout Long Island, beginning in 1985 and becoming rapidly worse especially in the last ten years pointed to the fact that our ground water is contaminated and that water is seeping steadily into our rivers, ponds, and bays, destroying habitats, and triggering these algal blooms. At the same time, the seepage from 500,000 septic tanks, toxic plumes, 117 different pesticides, pharmaceuticals that were improperly disposed of and lawn and agricultural fertilizer is now threatening our drinking water, which lays below us.

This series — which runs from Monday the 23rd of September to Friday the 27th with a one hour live special Thursday the 26th 7-8 — is an admirable effort on the part of News12 and its President Pat Dolan, as well as all the scientists within The Long Island Clean Water Partnership and others to bring to light the challenges we face collectively as Long Islanders when it comes to assuring our water quality and our way of life for future generations. The problems are immense, but the solutions are there, if we decide, together on this island we call home, to take action. Our children and grandchild should also fish, swim, clam, and sail as we had, and Long Island should remain a place where people raise their families knowing the water is safe to drink and the environment is a healthy one. News12 understands the urgency, as does the 125+ organizations that make up The Long Island Partnership for Clean Water.

Series at a Glance: What’s in the WaterWhat’s in your water? Long Island’s drinking water is under siege from a variety of chemicals and toxins we use every day. Beginning Monday September 23rd News 12 Long Island brings you an in depth investigation on Long Island most valuable resource and what is polluting it.

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So what are you going to do? Stand there or be part of something big?


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