News12’s “What’s In The Water?” – Part I – Toxic Trails

President of News12 Networks, Pat Dolan began his five part series on Long Island Water quality with Toxic Trails, which examines the growing underground plume of contaminants left in the ground by Grumman and its aerospace manufacturing facilities. The plume continues to grow, contaminating more and more wells that will in turn need very expensive filtering systems. Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of The Citizen’s Campaign For The Environment, favors pumping out the contaminated water, citing the adverse health effects of having the contaminants in our air, water and soil.

What’s in the Water: Toxic TrailsBETHPAGE – Some environmental experts say tainted groundwater is threatening Long Island’s water supply. Unlike most parts of the country, Long Island gets all of its drinking water from the ground. The area’s water comes from aquifers, layers of sand that hold centuries of rainwater. However, aquifers also hold contaminants.

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