On Why Breachs In Barrier Beaches Are Actually Healthy And Protect Us In The Long Run — An Open Letter From The Community of Coastal Marine Scientists To Long Islanders

Marine and coastal scientists throughout the country are watching with great dismay over what they see transpiring on Long Island — out of a fear of flooding, people are pushing to have The Breach at The Old Inlet closed by The Army Corps of Engineers, and politicians, unfamiliar and often uninterested with the science, are lining up to call for this as well.    We do not want such an important environmental policy decision left to fear and politics rather than science.     It is impossible for the breach to be flooding out Babylon and Lindenhurst, but that is where there is a lot of flooding and a lot of calls to close the breach.   Clearly something else is at work — something that involves our whole climate since the whole Tri-state region and beyond is flooding out.

Reading the Open Letter from these coastal scientists, it is more than ironic that by demanding that they want the breach closed, politicians are further endangering their constituents, and people are making the breakdown of Fire Island more likely.  The breach, as part of a natural process, is providing sand so that Fire Island may thicken up and thus better protect us in the long run.        Fire Island Inlet Statement

It would not be the first time that our leaders made a bad decision out of fear.   We need to rebuild The Great South Bay and our South Shore communities thoughtfully and with the best scientific know how we have.


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