Too bad our politicians Senator Charles Schumer and Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone announced November 19th, just a couple of weeks after Sandy, that they were moving to try and close The Old Inlet, which reopened after 175 years following Hurricane Sandy, before any scientists had any chance to weigh in.   It is further a shame that despite all the science that has been gathered since November 19th shows that the Old Inlet is in not contributing in any measurable way to flooding on the South Shore, that Schumer and Bellone and the Army Corps of Engineers are utterly indifferent, no, even contemptuous of all the data and analysis that shows that the flooding is not from the Old Inlet.   When something gets budgeted as a project, just try and stop it.

The reports continue to come in that the cause of the breach is much much larger, tied into climate change, record arctic ice melt, and a faltering of the Gulf Stream.   Not that it will matter for politicians determined to do the wrong thing for the wrong reason,  once more leaving the bay in a worse state than it was before.  Here is what researchers at Old Dominion have determined is causing flooding in VA, NC and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard:    Connection Between Gulf Stream and Sea Level Rise Confirmed by ODU Study.

So the scientific facts say one thing, and the politicians and the bulldozers say another.   Meanwhile, The Old Inlet is bringing about a rebirth of The Great South Bay with fish and wildlife missing for 20 years coming back, with bay bottom, hidden by murk, visible again.

A Baby Seal At The Old Inlet

A Baby Seal At The Old Inlet — Photo by Derek Rogers


It would be an environmental travesty to let the politicians win and force the NYS DEC to close it.    Contact New York Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joseph Martens today at and tell him you stand with him against those who would push this project through despite the science and despite all that it would mean for the millions who live on Long Island or come to play in our waters and beaches.     Science, not politics should be driving our environmental policies.