Pumping out sewage from boats might not be appealing but is obviously necessary if lavatory facilities are utilized onboard. The proper use of pumpout stations is vital to keep boats and harbors clean and fresh.

Dumping of sewage by recreational boaters is suspected, however, the consensus among ‘some’ local coastal city agencies is pumpouts are being used but not always and not always properly used. Most pumpout stations do have signage to educate boaters but education does not always lead to compliance.

Fines for violations are not where they should be.  A $5000.00 fine legislation might see a change for those who say POO to the requirement.  I spoke to pump out employees and the people I spoke to in NY and NJ all stated (anonymously)  that far too many boats are dumping, especially because they think urine is no big deal.  THINK AGAIN.  http://humanurine-environment.weebly.com/negative-effects.html

Boaters that illegally empty their vessel’s sewage tanks into the Marina or close to shore are introducing raw, untreated sewage into the environment—something that’s not safe for humans or marine life.

Bacteria from fecal matter can contaminate the fish people eat and the water where people swim. One toilet flush of untreated sewage from your boat can cause the same environmental impact as 10,000 flushes from your home toilet.

Most pumpout stations on public docks are free to all boaters and easily accessible.

A great website with more facts to help us stop POO-LLUTION is


I was a plumber in NY for 20 years.  I get it.  We all gotta go.  PUMP!  DON’T DUMP!!  The service is free just about anywhere in the US.  Respect your waterways and you respect yourself and everyone else.

Sources used in my research:



and this great information at  https://www.boatus.org/study-guide/environment/waste/


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