Collaboration and support. And love for the Great South Bay! That’s what our Sayville team up between Save the Great South Bay’s Bayport (Bob Draffin) and Sayville (James Bertsch) Creek Defenders was made of. Adults saved trees. Kids got the knowledge and experience they need to save the planet. That starts with the Great South Bay.

The infusion of clean water from our creeks should be the lifeblood of our Bay. The root systems that make up creek beds are being destroyed by invasive vines, which are choking and ultimately killing our trees. Adults removed invasive vines. Students had a field trip. An important one!

Students learned about the environmental health of San Souci creek by studying plant and animal life. They also took water samples to determine nitrate, phosphate and alkaline levels. This data will be loaded into a database that will one day drive efforts to save our environment (Thank you SGSB Board member John Hall for stepping up to support our students!). The student’s program is part of the Central Pine Barrens Commission’s (CPBC) Day in the Life Program.

Sayville’s very own Melissa Griffiths Parrott is the lead educator for the CPBC. Melissa stepped up to run our San Souci youth activity. Another great Sayville person, Marshall Brown, co-founder for Save the Great South Bay, got to work saving trees. Special thanks to Robyn Silvestri, Executive Director for SGSB. Robyn knows one of the most important things leaders do is support others. She does so with utter grace and commitment. CPBC and SGSB have become true partners, working together to improve our Bay.

Great job Janet Draffin leading the Bayport Junior Civic. Thank you Mrs. Anderson from Sayville High School for having your SWEEP (environmental club) and Advanced Placement Environmental Science students join in on the fun. The most important thanks goes to everyone who showed up. Showing up for the Bay, for our town, means everything. We will save the Great South Bay!