The Breach At the Old Inlet Shrinks — Has Narrowed 38% Since Monday

Now that the storms of winter and the flooding has subsided some, The Breach at The Old Inlet is doing what these breaches are supposed to do — narrow and shoal up as we head into the warmer months. 886828_10200234909867102_1985995441_o

The breach at The Old Inlet 3/14/13, 9 AM
The breach at The Old Inlet 3/14/13, 9 AM

Notice too how clean and beautiful the water is around it.


  1. I grew up in Atlantique, learned to swim, dive, clam skim killy’s’for bait and fish, fish, fish. Our days were spent on the bay side, exploring and generally getting into,trouble. At NO time was the water too gross to swim in. When we went back with my kids the water was noticeably browner, mad at times pretty gross. A new inlet will put the balance back in place, along with clams, eel grass etc. what is the hold-up? Why not let nature do it’s thing and see what happens? How bad can it be to wait!

  2. John Schwedes says:

    Leave the breach alone. It would be a giant waste of money, that we don’t have, to close this breach. The benefits to the health of the bay are huge. The boost to shellfish and fin fish will also help the economy.

  3. Walter Bergold says:

    The local towns are polluting and killing the bay with treated sewage water and it needs to be flushed out and cleaned daily.We use to have the best clams,oysters and ducks in the whole world.What happened government officials ?

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