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The Breach Report 6-17: Michael Busch of Videos and Photographs The Dismantling of the Pattersquash Gunners Association Club House, Videos the Cleaner Water in Bellport Bay From New Inlet

Michael certainly had a busy weekend.   He has for us and today’s breach report a video and a slide show of the dismantling of the Pattersquash Gunner’s Association Club House, which rested on Pelican Island until Sandy and The New Inlet washed her off the island and into Bellport Bay.    He also brought his camera down in 4 feet of water to document the clearer, cleaner water that The New Inlet is bringing to Bellport Bay and the Eastern Great South Bay.

Since Sandy, Michael has been steadily chr0ncling what The New Inlet has brought to the eastern Great South Bay – the osprey, the seals, fish of all kinds.   We have devoted a whole page to him on this site.    He in turn has launched Great South Bay Images.   By going through his archives you will see how The New Inlet has evolved, and the changes it has brought.   You will also experience the sheer beauty of this rare natural event –  a barrier beach and a bay revitalizing through the creation of a new inlet —  and of our Great South Bay itself and its wildlife.

Here then is a slide show of the club’s dismantling and removal:

Next up, the video of the removal:


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Next up and lastly – Michael Busch’s video of cleaner clearer water from The New Inlet — the reason, according to scientists, and as reported on News 12, that thus far The Great South Bay has yet to be plagued by the powerful brown tides that have plagued other bays on Long Island — Shinnecock and Moriches Bay to name two.   People say they haven’t seen Bellport Bay this clean in 30 years, nor has the fishing been this good in a long time.

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