Volunteer To Seed The Great South Bay With Clams

A letter from Chris Clapp, Marine Scientist, Nature Conservancy of Long Island to Save The Great South Bay.


Chris Clapp
Marine Scientist
Nature Conservancy of Long Island:

To: Save The Great South Bay
Re: Volunteers Needed To Help The Shellfish Restoration Program

Dear Mr. Brown,

As you are aware, The Nature Conservancy established four years ago the Shellfish Restoration Program as an effort to reseed the bay with clams, starting with certain promising areas of bay bottom currently under our jurisdiction.  Thus far, we have seeded 7,000,000 cherrystone clams. Sandy and its aftermath interrupted our efforts, but we are glad to say that we have planned a number of seeding expeditions through Thanksgiving and beyond, weather permitting.

For that effort, we will be looking for volunteers to come to The West Sayville Boat Basin at the end of Atlantic Avenue between 9-10 on weekdays to:

  • Unload the clams from the truck
  • Load the Nature Conservancy boat with clams
  • Boat out to the seeding area with us
  • Seed the clams, head back

Volunteers should be prepared to lift upwards of 40-60 lbs repeatedly and be prepared to do so on the water as well. We can provide waterproof gear but volunteers should be prepared with warm clothes as it is often much colder on the water. A snack, water, and potentially lunch is a good idea as well. A typical day of stocking can run from 10-2 but may end up to an hour earlier or later depending on availability of spawner clams.

Interested persons should reply to [email protected].  Thank you for your interest in helping our bay.


Christopher Clapp
Marine Scientist
[email protected]
(631) 329-7689 Ext. 18 (Phone)
(631) 338-1966 (Mobile)
(631) 329-0215 (Fax)