We’ve Got a Winner!

With 34 teams competing in our first ever GSB Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt the competition was fierce. The game started promptly at 9:00 am on Saturday, August 15th with missions being revealed to all players within the Goose Chase app. Within seconds, teams were racking up points with Us Three logging the first submission on the Count ‘Em Up mission – that’s right, there are approximately 50 creeks & rivers leading into the Great South Bay. Way to get the game rolling Us Three! The Red Hook Renegades were literally seconds behind them submitting one of the two possible correct answers to the Bridge Crossings Mission – Robert Moses it is. Team B kept pace watching the two-minute Creek Defender video & identifying bottles as one of the items our volunteers picked up out of the creek.

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Still within the first five minutes of the game, Brews On First got on the leaderboard by correctly identifying the Red Maple as a tree native to Long Island. Native trees provide habitat for our local insect population, a crucial part of our ecosystem, which don’t recognize imported trees, such as Japanese maples or Norway maples. Party of Three jumped in with a photo for the Clam Power Mission and Bean’s Team correctly answered with all of the above on the Don’t Be Invasive mission.

Free Range Chickens were on fire all morning and spot on with 50 as the number of gallons of water one oyster can filter per day. Bay Bae’s jumped in the game at 9:06 AM filling in the blank of PUMP out, don’t dump out. Thank you Bay Bae’s for helping us identify potential poo-lution. Pun intended.

It wasn’t long before Camp Chaos Socially Distant Happy Hour scored points for naming Habitat Restoration as one of the essential elements of a Bay Friendly Yard (unfortunately there were no points for longest team name….lol). South Shore Sharks submitted the first Come Sail Away mission pic of a beautiful sailboat at the dock and just a few minutes later duked it out with a Blue Claw crab on the dock. It wasn’t even 9:15 AM and House Rossi & Salty Pups joined the others on the leaderboard as well. Hope the guy in your Go Fish mission pic caught a big one, Salty Pups! It certainly was a great day for fishing.

Triple Trouble, Toon Blasters & Mola were all on the Leaderboard by 9:30 AM with Team C-Lake starting soon after to quickly put up points. It didn’t change the end results, but we have to say thank you for the hysterical submission on the The Mighty Chestnut mission. By 10:00 AM Teams Celmerz & CRESLI Creatures were ready to roll with the latter submitting the first Go Native pic.

ThisUsedToBeJays got rolling just past 10:00 AM and quickly put up 1800 points – no bonus points for the vintage Budweiser can, but your comments along the way made us chuckle. La Famiglia LoRusso was hot on their tails checkin in at Tres Palms.

TeamDriftwood, BlueIceWhales, South Shore Mother Shuckers went practically point for point for the next 30 minutes catching crabs, answering questions and checking in at some of our fave spots – Blue Point Brewing, Post Office Cafe, Cornucopia Health Foods & South Shore Paddle.

Team Jones got some good shots in along the north side of the Bay east of the Robert Moses Bridge getting a couple of missions efficiently done – both the GSB & Me mission and a Come Sail Away shot. Coffey Crew, Dawn1020 got on the leaderboard just before noon withTeam Kprikios checking in at Tres Palms around lunchtime – hope they enjoyed the lobster nachos at an outside table. They are a fan favorite.

Lost Touch looked like they were having way too much fun out by the marshlands, an essential part of the entire Bay ecosystem but we think they may have gotten distracted by some margaritas. Looking good ladies.

Team Spiders rocked the missions with some pics from the Patchogue River area while  Allisonsaber went out Blue Claw crabbing with a seining net which was pretty cool. Flying Monkeys submitted a beautiful shot of Black-eyed Susans a popular and very eye catching native plant. And with a name like BlueClaw, we had high expectations after they put up some points – better luck next time BlueClaw!

Many teams, including The Salty Dogs Crew, did a great job completing every mission including Sunday’s rainy day Bonus Missions. At the end of the day, after close review of all submission by Frank Piccininni, Habitat Restoration Chair, and our friends at the American Chestnut Foundation, the winner was Team House Rossi, who captured the full bonus points with a shore bird carrying a fish and identifying that elusive American Chestnut.

Congratulations House Rossi and many thanks to all our players who came out to have some fun and support our organization. It is with much gratitude that we thank our sponsors. Blue Point Brewing, Lessing’s Hospitality Group, Post Office Cafe, Cornucopia Health Foods, South Shore Paddleboards and the Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island.



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