What Each of Us Can Do This Spring To Help Our Local Waters

The Great South Bay is where the results of all our human activities end up, as is true for all our bays, rivers and ponds.     Given how many of Long Island’s waters are under stress, it is very important that each of us do what we can to limit the damage.   That means we should avoid the use of pesticides.   That is extremely important considering that people eat seafood from the bay, and make a living working the bay.

We also need to attend to how we fertilize and water our lawns.   We can’t be pumping more nitrogen into the bay, not with the chronic outbreaks of brown and red tides we have seen in the last few years.   Nor can we be wasting what’s left of our precious aquifer on keeping our lawns green — We are literally spilling water that has been trapped for 10,000 years post glacier onto our lawns, and we have nothing to replace it with.   Most of our ground water is already compromised from septic tank seepage, and chemicals making their way into the ground.  Please water wisely>

Here is a great resource for the eco-conscious:   http://longislandsoundstudy.net/get-involved/what-you-can-do/around-your-backyard/

The ecological problems we face are everywhere.   The solutions can begin at home.


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