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    Marshall Brown
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    John Hall

    Several years ago, I purchased beneficial nematodes and sprayed them onto the lawn.  They are parasitic predators of the grubs that commonly damage lawns.  My neighbor goes the traditional route, using a combination product that contains fertilizer, weed killer and grub killer.  Every year, and I mean every year, his lawn is damaged by grubs in the late summer.  What he has is a lawn that consists of a single type of grass, and huge numbers of grubs that aren’t killed by the pesticides.    Since I don’t use any strong pesticides, there are grubs and other critters in the lawn, but they never really cause much damage.  I have always thought it’s at least partially because of the nematodes.  The neighbor sometimes asks about why my lawn isn’t destroyed by grubs and I just shrug, because I know that if I try to talk to him about my lawn care practices, his eyes will glass over.  We’ve been there.

    What I do is what I do.  And I try to raise awareness with people without being a jerk about it, but there are limits to what people want to hear and what they’ll voluntarily do.  The only way that I see anything changing is with legislative action: tax breaks for composting, tax incentives for purchasing the right lawn care product, outright bans on pesticides and herbicides that are identified as downstream problems, incentives for landscapers who go ‘green’.

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    Marshall Brown

    Dear John,

    Fascinating.  Did not know that there was even such a solution.   So I found this on the internet:

    Here’s another good link on them:

    Maybe the question needs to be rephrased:  How do we get LI lawn care companies to promote green solutions?    Maybe we need an inventory of the top 50 lets say, so that we can contact them and see how they might get behind a green service like this for the good of Long Island.

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    John Hall

    Nematode treatment works, but can take a couple of seasons to be really effective. It’s the change that becomes critical, lawns that have been chemically maintained will take some time and effort to change over to natural, or organic, products. People have to change what they think their lawn should look like. Mixed or blended grass is one defense from bugs and disease, watering practices are another. There are a lot of lawn services that are ‘green’ and they advertise as such. Environmentalist groups should advocate for this, and I’m sure they do. The counties and the state could create tax incentives that favor those companies, instead of, say , deciding to ban energy drink sales in county parks as Suffolk has recently done. Wow, talk about wasting the elective mandate. If there’s a chance to save the bay and our water supply, it lies in the actions of the people who live on the surface.

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