Michael Busch — New Inlet Photos and Videos

Michael Busch, a native of Brookhaven Township and an avid boatsman and photographer, has shot some marvelous photos and videos of The New Inlet/The Breach and its natural beauties and is sharing them with Save The Great South Bay.

Michael Busch now has his own website for his photography:   Great South Bay Images.    He is also on Facebook.

Here’s a Mike Busch video playlist:


Here is a short video of Mike’s trip to The Old Inlet August 11th 2013:

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Here’s a video of a flyover of The New Inlet, taken August 5th:

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Here is Michael’s latest pics:   “A Quick Trip to The Breach at The Old Inlet 5-27-13”


Here are three shots Michael took from a commercial airline flight May 16th.   Not bad given it was through that thick plexiglass window:

His latest photo shoot (April 27th, see below) and video (posted at was taken from his new kayak, which allows him to get through around the islets and sandbars much more easily than by boat.

We just need to figure out what the captions will be.

April 26th – The New Inlet by Land

April 27th — A visit to The New Inlet/Breach by Kayak