On Monday, Nov 18th, Frank Piccininni, Save the Great South Bay Board Member, Biologist, and Environmental Attorney, spoke before the Assembly Minority Conference’s Water Quality Task Force about the benefits of Bay Friendly Yards and how increased funding could go a long way toward efforts to restore native habitats. Additionally he addressed impoundments and their ecological impact that greatly debilitates water quality.
The Water Quality Task Force was formed in response to the challenges facing New York’s public water supply systems, including its aging water infrastructure, sewage problems, at-risk aquifers and water sources. Their mission is to develop attainable, short- and long-term goals toward addressing these problems based, in part on feedback from members of the public, state and local representatives, environmental experts, scientists, community partners and industry professionals.
Thank you, Frank, for advocating for long terms solutions to protect and preserve the Great South Bay.

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