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The Water of Long Island Needs Your Help Now

Yesterday, people around the world made a commitment to help protect our Earth and its natural resources. Maybe you were one of them. If so, now is the time to put that good intention into practice!

Legislation is pending in Albany to protect Long Island’s water by prohibiting the sale and use of water-soluble, high-nitrogen lawn fertilizers that are contributing to our ever-increasing water pollution problems. (Read all about it at

Now the fertilizer industry is putting pressure on legislators to “study the problem” instead of actually doing something about it.

Can you help?

Now it’s just a numbers game.

Dear Friends,

The NYS Assembly has passed the water protection legislation out of two committees and will bring it to a vote, possibly this week.

We now have to concentrate on the Senate side. PLEASE, PLEASE call the LI Senators listed below with your message of support for Senate Bill #S-8170. Tell them it’s time for action to protect our water!

If you have time for only one letter and one phone call, make it to Senator Hannon, sponsor of the bill and head of the Health Committee in the Senate.

Please reference bill #S-8170 and say you support this important legislation which will address a critical problem for the health of Long Island’s water, both our aquifers and our surface waters. This bill will finally include Long Island in the state’s efforts to reduce algal blooms, fish kills and other aquatic die-offs.

At no cost to the state, this bill will be the gold standard protection for all costal communities.

Thank you, thank you for helping make this a reality. Here are the LI senators that need to hear from you. What better thing to do for Earth Day!!!

And Thank You for your support!
– The Grassroots Team