Pitch Pine Oak Forest



Backyard Bundle: Recommended for Dry Yards

Overhead coverage with a mix of pitch pine, oak and a layer of low shrubs. During midsummer, blueberry comes into fruit, producing a tasty snack.

3x R​ed Maple (​Acer rubrum)​ – 2 Gallon
2x P​itch Pine (​Pinus rigida​) – 2 Gallon
1x​ Northern Red Oak (Q​uercus rubra​) – 2 Gallon
1x S​crub/Bear Oak (​Quercus ilicifolia)​ – 2 Gallon
2x H​ighbush Blueberry (V​acc. corymbosum​) – 2 Gallon
6x P​ennsylvania Sedge (​Carex pensylvanica)​ – 1 Quart 3x B​racken Fern (​Pteridium aquilinum)​ – 1 Gallon

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