Red Cedar Maritime Forest



Backyard Bundle: Recommended for Coastal Yards

Shines in Fall when the bluish-black berry-like fruit ripens and migrating birds such as Cedar Waxwing can be seen devouring the berries.

3x R​ed Cedar Juniper (​Juniperus virginiana)​ – 2 Gallon
2x E​astern Baccharis (​Baccharis halimifolia​) – 3 Gallon
2x B​ayberry (​Myrica pensylvanica)​ – 2 Gallon
2x S​witch Grass (Panicum virgatum)​- 1 Quart

3x B​lueStemGrass (​Schizachyrium scoparium​) – 1 Quart
6x N​orthern Seaside Goldenrod (​Solidago sempervirens)​ – 1 Quart

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